The HUB of all things

The KREISLER is easily acces­sible and located between the two most important portals of the city: The central train station as Frankfurt’s gateway to the world and Baseler Platz as the southern entry to the city.

Regional and long-distance trains as well as public transport lines can be reached from here in just a few minutes - a clear advantage for employees and visitors to the KREISLER.

The connection by car is excellent as well. The B44 leads into the city from the south and passes directly by the Kreisler.

Germany’s skyline surrounded by GREEN

»I could not name a better city than Frankfurt.«


Frankfurt’s Bahnhofs­viertel is dynamic and has become one of the places to be for a bustling creative scene, with a wide range of restau­rants and popular bars. The construction of the Westhafen Tower and the city quarters south of Baseler Platz have also contri­buted to this.

The square with its traffic round­about, located between the main railway station and the Friedens­brücke, was an important hub of the city for a long time. With its many new restau­rants, cafés and hotels, the area is incre­asingly becoming the new hotspot of the Main River area.

With its attractive surroun­dings, the KREISLER offers the best condi­tions to draw attention to the Nestlé brand and also to be perceived as an exciting workplace of the future by the employees.

At the center of LIFE

  1. Frankfurt opera
  2. University hospital
  3. Frankfurt Trade Fair
  4. Trade Fair Tower
  5. Main Tower
  6. Old Frankfurt opera
  7. Museum for Modern Art
  8. Casino Royal
  9. Frankfurt Zoo
  10. Frankfurt Chief Finance Office
  11. Städel Museum
  12. Central Train Station

In Direct Vicinity

The central location of the KREISLER makes everyday office life more diverse than ever. In the surrounding area, Hawaiian poke bowls, Asian snacks, vegan cuisine from India or unusual Australian treats provide the necessary inspi­ration. Brain­storming in the afternoon can easily be moved to the nearby banks of the Main with its fresh breeze. And after work, perhaps the drinks in the stylish bars around the Bahnhofs­viertel will spark an idea or two.






  1. Kabuki
  2. Club Michel
  3. Weinsinn
  4. Bar Shuka
  6. Chicago Williams BBQ
  7. Le Petit Royal
  8. Main Nizza
  9. L’Osteria


  1. Elaine’s Room
  2. Shuka Café


  1. The Kinly Bar
  2. Hunky Dory Bar
  3. AMP
  4. Plank Café-Bar-Studio
  5. Yaldy
  6. French Bento Bar

In the LOOP

With its central location, the KREISLER property offers access to numerous gyms and sports facilities in downtown Frankfurt. At the same time, nearby green spaces and prome­nades in the city centre also allow for plenty of sports activities outdoors.

Where it all WORKS OUT

  1. Tiger Fitness
  2. PRIME TIME Fitness
  3. Mainhatten Sports
  4. WA Fitness GmbH
  5. PRIME TIME Fitness
  6. Rothschildpark
  7. Fitness First Westend
  8. Fitness First Eschen­heimer T.
  9. Fitness First MyZeil
  10. Fitness First Konstablerwache
  11. McFit
  12. FIT STAR Fitnessstudio
  13. Happy Fitness
  14. Ostpark
  15. Hafenpark
  16. Classy Fitness
  17. PRIME TIME Fitness
  18. Ten Weeks Fitnessstudio
  19. Fitness First Sachsenhausen

MOBILITY Easy to reach

KREISLER’s modern character is also reflected in its acces­si­bility. Be it by car, bicycle or public transport – everyone can get there easily.

Employees, visitors and business partners.

There are also several car sharing stations right next to the central station and on Mannheimer Straße.

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