DAS KREISLER – in the current of time

The archi­tecture and interior design of the KREISLER property also pay tribute to the long and eventful history of this location. The building embodies the spirit of keeping up with the times and adapting flexibly to new circumstances.

View from Baseler Stresse

Building and infrastructure

Highly flexible layout

Green areas on the terraces provide relaxing moments in nature in the heart of the city

Experience-oriented planning makes navigating the offices more attractive

Open-air works­paces

Windows that can be opened provide fresh air

Maximised use of daylight and light control

Internal and external vistas create a sense of trans­pa­rency and spaciousness

A lively café to start the day on a good note

Easy access by bicycle


KREISLER offers all the latest room confi­gu­ra­tions, ranging from individual offices to openplan and activity-based working. For special projects or wishes, the parti­tions can easily be added in any axis at any time, with an axis grid of 1.35 metres.

The flexible layout is also made possible by the venti­lation, heating and cooling concept and the flexible cabling system via hollow floors.

»Frankfurt is different, every day. That, too, is a form of reliability.«



Plot size:approx. 4.654 m²
Max gross floor space (BGF) above ground:approx. 25.000 m²
Max gross floor space (BGF) below ground:approx. 3.700 m²
Max gross floor space (BGF):approx. 28.700 m² (incl. 12th floor)
Completion:End of 2023/Beginning of 2024
Earliest move-in date:End of 2023


Rental area above ground according to GIF:approx. 22.786 m²
Smallest possible division:starting from approx. 250 m²
Rental area offices:approx. 17.430 m²
Rental area special use:approx. 1.818 m² retail, restaurant
Rental area below ground:approx. 208 m²
Car parking spaces:73 + 9 – up to 10 charging stations possible
Bicycle parking spaces:over 210, also for cargo bikes on the ground floor; charging stations for e-bikes


Building certi­fi­cation:Leed Platinum/Gold/ESG criteria
Clear room heights in the office areas:approx. 3.0 m
Building depth:approx. 19.0 m on the standard floor
Axis/window grid:1.35 m
Cooling:Hybrid canopy ceiling
Mecha­nical venti­lation of interior rooms:Dezen­trales Lüftungssytem
Facade:compact facade with baffle plate room-high, each window axis can be open
Standard:upper mid-range standard according to prili­minary building specifications